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Fic Challenge!

You will remember that this time last year we ran the 1969 Ficathon. Well, because that was just so much fun, we've decided to run something else. So it is my great honour to present to you...

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This is a Doctor and Martha community, and as much as we all love Ten and Martha together we thought that there was a lack of fic that explored Martha and other incarations of the Doctor.

How it will work:

- We are looking for two types of prompts: Doctor specific prompts and general prompts so that whoever chooses it can write about the Doctor of their choice. You can leave both types of prompts or just one. Basically, the more prompts the better.
- Promting starts today, so please reply to this post with your prompt.
- Prompts and fics can feature the Tenth Doctor, but he is not to be the focus of the story. The story should focus on Martha's relationship with a previous incarnation.
- 10.5 and the Eleventh Doctor are not included under the term 'previous incarnations'.
- Feel free to include previous companions as well.
- Prompts can be as vague or as specific as you like.
- You can't claim more than one prompt at a time. In other words, your first story must be complete and posted before you claim another prompt.
- Prompts and fics do not have to be romance based: we just want to explore the idea of Martha meeting and/or travelling with other Doctors and what sort of relationship they may have. Romance, however, is much encouraged by me very welcome, of course.
- You can continue to prompt until January 24th.
- On the 24th a post will go up with all of the prompts. If you wish to participate you will need to comment to that post in order to claim your prompt.
- The deadline for fics is Monday 9th March, but feel free to post before that date.
- Your entry must be posted in an unlocked entry, but can be posted anywhere. Just remember to cross-post it to smith_n_jones. ;)
- All participants will receive a little something for taking part once all fics are posted.

So, feel free to pimp, as the more prompts and participants the better, and all that leaves me to say is get prompting!
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