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Time and Space

Title: Children of Time and Space
Summary: AU. My very own AU of Series 3 onwards: What if the Doctor wasn't exactly the Last of the Time Lords, and what would that mean for his relationship to Martha?
Rating: T+ to M- (graphic violence, psychic assault, death, torture, cruelty)
Characters: 10th Doctor, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, OCs, Torchwood Three, UNIT, other Time Lords etc.
Pairings: 10/Martha, 10/OC family, Jack/Ianto/OC, Tegan Jovanka/OC

This story says screw canon right after the episode "42", when Martha has got all the bits and bobs of being a companion.
I had the idea to this story because, despite "The End of Time", I believe RTD left too many plot holes with his Time War - after all, the Time Lock only targeted COMBATANTS of the War… so what if a relative of the Doctor (and not an enemy) survived too? and went from there.
Warning: As each chapter can account for an episode, they are LONG (and I like it that way!).

Story can be found here
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