Time and Space

Title: Children of Time and Space
Summary: AU. My very own AU of Series 3 onwards: What if the Doctor wasn't exactly the Last of the Time Lords, and what would that mean for his relationship to Martha?
Rating: T+ to M- (graphic violence, psychic assault, death, torture, cruelty)
Characters: 10th Doctor, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, OCs, Torchwood Three, UNIT, other Time Lords etc.
Pairings: 10/Martha, 10/OC family, Jack/Ianto/OC, Tegan Jovanka/OC

This story says screw canon right after the episode "42", when Martha has got all the bits and bobs of being a companion.
I had the idea to this story because, despite "The End of Time", I believe RTD left too many plot holes with his Time War - after all, the Time Lock only targeted COMBATANTS of the War… so what if a relative of the Doctor (and not an enemy) survived too? and went from there.
Warning: As each chapter can account for an episode, they are LONG (and I like it that way!).

Story can be found here
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Love Takes Time

Summary: The Doctor is confused. Martha's reassured she's right. And the TARDIS just wants Time Tots from her doctors. It would be better if Martha didn't think of them as just friends. And it would probably help the Doctor if he mentioned his intentions to his former companion. Doctor/Martha

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. XD Sorry, I don't. Otherwise Mickey/Martha would not have been thrown in outta no-where. shakes fist at RTD.

Rating: PG-13

Chapter: 1/??

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Smith and Jones...properly :D

Originally posted by ice_shinigami at Smith and Jones...properly :D

Summary: Martha's got a problem. Mr. Smith apparently has the same one. Before they can take on the Judoon, Miss Jones wants to fix it. Nothing going into the loo and locking the door can't fix. Smutty!Ten/Martha

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. Otherwise Martha's character would've stayed as awesome as she was in 'Smith and Jones'. Oh and well there would have been established Doctor/Martha.

Rating: NC-17/M (my first time writing one of these...)

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Perfect Strangers

Summary: She had been kidnapped so they could get in the fast lane. He had to find her because it was his fault they were on New Earth. “So our only hope is a stranger?”

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. If I did, Freema would've been in Season 4 along with Catherine. Oh, David would've loved that! [well I would've loved it more]

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Happily Ever After?

Title: Happily Ever After?

Summary: What if Rose picked her Doctor and the Metacrisis picked Martha? This story is a fun ride and it's complete. It's twenty Chapters but i am going to post it over the next three days. I just want to see if you guys are interested before i bore you with it. so here's the first Eight chapters

Chapter 1: Doctor?

Chapter 2: Weird Dreams

Chapter 3: Trouble at the Circus

Chapter 4: WTF?

Chapter 5: Lokni

Chapter 6: Meeting Old Friends

Chapter 7: Learned Truths

Chapter 8: The Truth About Julius
* * *

Martha/Doctor Challenge

Erm...so I've been thinking about this idea for a while,  but I'm afraid to write it on my own just yet.

Idea/plot bunny?

In Pete's World, the 9th Doctor met Martha [where up to you] since Rose didn't exist. Martha traveled with the Doctor eventually ending up in a relationship with him. They have a child that gets hurled through the void during Doomsday. Now the child wouldn't end up appearing directly after the 10th Doctor and Rose parted, but after Martha and the Doctor parted ways [up to you when]. The child regenerates from an older age into a four year old [age can be changed] due to injuries and being in the void for a while. (Yeah, the idea for the regenerating into a four year old came from Mels mentioning that she had changed into a toddler in the middle of New York.) Now how the child ends up in Martha's care? UNIT.

How does the Doctor and the Jones Family react? Up to you.

(Personally I see Francine introducing everyone to the Doctor's 11th body at that point.)

Go crazy, develop whatever kind of plot you want. Just...let me know that it exists if anyone decides to write it.

[And I hope no one minds that I posted this here...I wasn't sure where to post it.]