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Doctor/Martha Fic Challenge - Prompts

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The time for suggesting prompts has now ended. Underneath the cut below are two lists of prompts: Doctor specific prompts and general prompts. Please comment to this post saying which prompt you would like to write for.

1. You can claim only one prompt at a time. What that means is, you can claim a prompt, post your fic, then come back to this post and claim another one.
2. If a prompt has already been claimed then please claim another one. There are some great prompts and it would be good if we could fill as many as possible.
3. The deadline for participants is Monday 9th March.
4. The minimum word count for fics is 500 words - there is no maximum.
5. Please remember some of the basic rules for this comm in that there is no character bashing and no shipwars.

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask!

Doctor specific prompts:
1. Fifth Doctor- The world turns.
2. Eighth Doctor - Fragile like bird bones. Claimed by sanestlunatic.
3. Eighth Doctor - Explosions in the sky.
4. Ninth Doctor - Naming the stars.
5. Ninth Doctor - Just west of her spine. Claimed by persiflage_1.
6. First Doctor - Martha bonds with Susan.
7. Second Doctor - Martha visits Scotland with Jamie.
8. Third Doctor - Joyriding in Bessie. Claimed by persiflage_1.
9. Fourth Doctor - Dancing around the maypole.
10. Fourth Doctor - Before the flood.
11. Fifth Doctor - Being freaked out by Kamelion.
12. Fifth Doctor - Snowdrifts.
13. Sixth Doctor - Lime sherbert.
14. Sixth Doctor - Counting your blessings.
15. Seventh Doctor - Ace and Martha going from jealousy to friendship.
16. Eighth Doctor - OR negligence.
17. Ninth Doctor - Sapphires.
18. Ninth Doctor - Discussing regeneration.
19. Martha helps Second, Third, or Seventh Doctor get a job in her hospital. Hijinks ensue.
20. Ninth Doctor - Healing Time War wounds. Claimed by tokenblkgirl.
21. Eighth Doctor - Eight romances Martha.
22. Fifth Doctor - Falling for Martha on the cricket field.
23. Fifth Doctor - Porn without plot.
24. Fourth Doctor - The Doctor takes Martha on a trip to make her smile... and it's fishing (fluff fic please). Claimed by ziggychaos.
25. Fifth Doctor - Five making Martha feel better or being there for her emotionally.
26. Ninth Doctor - Tension. Claimed by radiantbaby.
27. Ninth Doctor - Martha shows him a photo of Ten (saying it's his next incarnation)...
Nine says something along the lines of, "You're having me on, aren't you?"
28. Ninth Doctor - banana grove.
29. Ninth Doctor - Sex (before or after meeting Ten is the author's choice).
30. First Doctor - The Doctor checks into a hospital to check things out only it's a different Doctor then Ten. Martha looks after him. Whether she knows it's the Doctor is up to author. Also before or after she met Ten is also up to author.
31. Second Doctor - Childlike wonder.
32. Third Doctor - Infinity. Claimed by catholicphoton.
33. Third Doctor - Strength.
34. Sixth Doctor - Cats and dogs.
35. Seventh Doctor - Deviousness (doesn't have to be the Doctor's - Martha's deviousness would be awesome!)
36. Eighth Doctor - Visiting a composer (Beethoven, Mozart or Elgar for pref. but I'll accept any!)
37. Ninth Doctor - Faithfulness.
38. Ninth Doctor - Perception.
39. Ninth Doctor - Martha has Nine's leather jacket, and Ten suddenly remembers how she acquired it. Claimed by weeping_angel91.
40. Ninth Doctor - Martha is buried alive, and it is Nine that comes to her rescue.
41. Eighth Doctor - The Tardis accidentally lands in 19th Century New Orleans, and Martha witnesses for herself the system that was Placage.
42. First Doctor - One brings an injured Susan into the hospital. For some reason, the TARDIS isn't readily available to treat Susan's injuries.
43. Fourth Doctor - K-9 is involved in their meeting.
44. Third Doctor - A dart game at the Pub.
45. Fourth Doctor - Argument.
46. Fifth Doctor - Martha can be intimidating.
47. Sixth Doctor - The Doctor takes Martha to accident.
48. Eighth Doctor - Martha Jones rejoins the medical community after her adventures with 10 and moves to San Francisco to work at the same hospital where Grace Holloway is conducting her experiments combining the unstable DNA she obtained from the Master (in 1999) with human DNA (The Fallen Doctor Who Magazine #273-#276). The resulting experiment creates a hybrid that begins consuming people and causes the 8th Doctor to have to rush in and save the day... with the help of our Martha.
49. First Doctor - During Martha and 10's time in 1969 - Martha takes a lunch break during a long day at the shop to eat in the park and ends up having an enlightening conversation with a certain old man feeding the pigeons while he waits for Susan to get home from school. I imagine this as a chance for her to get some much needed insight on what drives the Doctor... as well as what he's lost. Claimed by malicehaughton.
50. Fifth Doctor - (This one could happen if you fiddle with the year a bit.) During "The Shakespeare Code": After 10 pisses her off talking about Rose, Martha instead goes downstairs to the pub where she encounters a rather drunk celery wearing man (after 5's drunken debate with Shakespeare in The Kingmaker) who could use her help.
51. Seventh Doctor - A ghost from the future.
52. Fourth Doctor - "Do you have to pass a test to fly this thing?" "Yes, and I failed!"
53. Third Doctor - Someone to tell him how brilliant he is.
54. First Doctor - Trapped in 1969, Martha finds a strange blue box in a junk yard. Claimed by lapeleuk1.
55. Eighth Doctor - Martha finds a watch (chameleon arc) that she hadn't notice before, turns in to a Timelord, goes to see find Gallifrey but the 8th Doctor stops her before she kills herself.
56. Third Doctor - (Post Journey's End.) On a mission for UNIT, Martha is captured by the sontaran Linx.
57. Fourth Doctor - Jelly Babies.

General prompts:
1. The hidden utility of park benches.
2. Saves the world with a spring roll.
3. Spring cleaning.
4. Thank heaven for little girls.
5. Regeneration sickness - Martha sees the scary side of regeneration. Claimed by fourzoas.
6. Martha having a laugh at the Doctor's outfit.
7. Two time periods in one place. If the past collides with the present, then the world will end.
8. Martha has a dance with the Doctor (any previous incarnation) in the TARDIS.
9. A different TARDIS.
10. Constancy.
11. The Doctor dissapears out of time, leaving Martha stuck back in time. Martha has to find which Doctor is causing it and save him before the univese is destroyed.
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